Welcome to Ferox Somali Cattery.

Ferox is located in Almere, Netherlands. Since 2018 we are Fife registered under the name Ferox Felinus. We are breeding Somalis for health, temperament, and type. Kittens will be lovingly raised in our home, with lots of attention from, and interaction with our family and other pets. Our beautiful queens and our stud were chosen for the special qualities they bring to our breeding program. .

Ferox breeding cats are tested on PL, PRA gen and eye mirror, FIV & FELV, PK-DEF, bloodtype, Giardia and Tritrichomonas Foetus.

Ferox aimes for breeding healthy and lovely somali's mainly in ruddy/usual.

To keep variety in our breeding program we have imported our Studs from germany and Sweden and our queens from France, Sweden and Finland. We have exported kittens to Germany, USA, Finland, Norway, Canada, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland and S-Korea.

We would like to get in contact with other somali-breeders abroad with similar ideas. Sharing knowledge will strengthen our race.

We are FIFE registered breeder at Mundikat.

Thank you for visiting Ferox-Somali, please don't forget to contact use if you are interested in a ferox somali, contact button at the upper right corner

We have kittens from

Ferox Rosea and Ferox Per Sé born 14th of june 2023 klick for the "diary in dutch" pictures say it all and from

Amajan Qiu and Ferox Per Sé born 18th of june 2023, klick for the "diary in dutch" pictures say it all.

contact us via email when interested in a kitten (contact top right)

Pupa, Occido & Desi


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